What is Care+?

Care + is a maintenance plan that guarantees savings and protection against Labour Charges inflation during the running of the vehicle.

Currently Care+ Package is only available on BS6 Nexon Petrol.

Care+ Plan covers the following:

Scheduled maintenance services at periodic interval of Kms for labour. Services covered as per Tata Motors recommendation at interval as indicated in the service schedule to the extent you are liable to pay under Free services scheme,

  • - Schedule services Labour
  • - Wheel alignment
  • - Washing of vehicle


  • - Charges (Labor + Parts + Consumables) for any repairs not mentioned above, and not covered under schedule maintenance service.
  • - Service on the basis of Month/Year/Kms elapsed.

For more details on Care+ Package and Its terms & conditions kindly contact 16600155777 & 9801575777


Scheduled Service is a preventive maintenance tool for ensuring smooth and trouble free running of the vehicle in which consumable items like Engine oil, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Air filter etc. are replaced as per replacement schedule.
Scheduled Services are covered under Care+ as mentioned in coverage.
Coverage of schedule services under Care+ is based on the Period and Kms.
Wear and Tear Parts replacement is not covered under Care+
Consumables are not covered under Care+.
Consumable items are covered under Care+
Yes. Labour Charges are covered under this Care+ as per Period and KMS.
Yes. Customer can get his / her vehicle serviced under Care+ across all Sipradi & its authorized workshops in Nepal.
Care+ can be purchased within 365 days and before 15500 Kms from Date of sale of vehicle.
Care+ offers following benefits: Risk Cover against unforeseen repair expenses, Price Protection. ( due to rising Oil Prices, Parts Prices), Unmatched Value…..Huge Savings of 15 - 20% on maintenance expenses.
Electrical items are not covered under Care+.
Care+ is available only on Nexon BS6 Petrol model as of Now.
Yes. Care+ can be purchased from a Sipradi Authorized dealer.
Yes. Customer can call Toll Free Number 16600155777 & 9801575777 for seeking additional information about Care+.
Customers are requested to furnish the correct vehicle details while purchasing Care+ on line else Care+ may get registered on wrong vehicle leading to loss to customer.
Customer is not required to pay for parts and labour for any Service / repairs which are under the scope of availed Care+.
Yes. Care+ will be activated immediately after a successful payment transaction.
Customer can start availing the service under Care+ once it gets activated.
Year KM/Month Rates Cumulative Discount on Part (%) Complementary Benefits
  • 1500/2M
  • 7500/6M
  • 15000/12M
2,000.00 2,000.00 5%
  • 1 Wash
  • 1 Wheel Alignment
  • 22500/18M
  • 30000/24M
3,500.00 5000.00 ( While Buying 2 year Care+ plan at once) 7%
  • 3 Wash
  • 1 Wheel Alignment
  • 37500/30M
  • 45000/36M
4,260.00 8500.00( While Buying 3 year Care+ plan at once) 10%
  • 4 Wash
  • 1 Wheel Alignment
  • 52500/30M
4,260.00 12000.00( While Buying 4 year Care+ plan at once) 10%
  • 1 Wash
  • 1 Wheel Alignment

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